As a freelance writer, I spend my days alone in my office, yet, every once in a while I get out and see what the rest of the world is like. Yesterday, I attended a women’s luncheon and sat next to a lady who recently divorced after 63 years of marriage. I’ll call her Violet (not her real name). Did she see my shock? After that many years together, what drove her to get a divorce? Violet said, “I was tired of him telling her how to cook and how to clean. Now he can cook, clean and pay the bills himself.” She seemed happy with her decision. She went on to say that family and friends couldn’t believe she hadn’t done it sooner.

Many years ago I talked to a woman who said at the beginning of her marriage, she wanted out, but couldn’t see how she could do it without an education or a job, so she stuck it out and in later years she was glad she had. That was how it was for many women in the early 1900—they stuck with it.

In the early years of our marriage, my husband said, “Divorce isn’t an option. Whatever problems we may have, we can work them out.” He was right and I’m grateful for a committed, godly spouse. Something else he said, “Marriage isn’t always fifty-fifty. Sometimes one partner gives 75% and the other 25%, etc. Recently, I read that each of us needs to give 100% to our marriage. I like that even better.

Also, have a threefold marriage—God, wife and husband. Never go to bed angry. Communicate—listen twice as much as you speak. There’s a reason God gave us two ears and only one mouth. Set a priority—God first, spouse second and children third.

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Submission                                                                              Joyfulness

Love                                                                                        Patience

Respect                                                                                   Kindness

Time                                                                                        Commitment

Trust                                                                                        Encouragement

Humility                                                                                  Communication

Sense of Humor

Mix together mutual submission, love, and respect. Add a sense of humor and joyfulness. Fold in time, trust, humility, patience, kindness, commitment, encouragement, and communication. Pour into a lifetime.


TIME: Forever

AMOUNT: Unmeasurable Blessings

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