He’s the Love of my Life

            I fell in love in 1955. I was a teenager at the time. If you’ve ever been in love, you know how I felt. I couldn’t eat. I wanted to spend every minute with him. Just thinking about him made me tingle all over, and become more giddy than usual. Deep down I knew he was the only person who loved me completely, even with my zits and lazy right eye.

            He’s so patient, kind and gentle. He’s stronger than anyone I’ve ever known and he never loses his cool. During my youth I’d gaze at his picture often. His hair was longer than the trend of the fifties. It didn’t matter to me, but it did to my parents. They weren’t happy with my new relationship and hoped it was a fad that would run its course and eventually pass. It didn’t.

Where We Met

            My family moved a lot and when I was 15 I attended a little neighborhood church. Everyone welcomed me and it wasn’t long before I became active in the youth group and made some lifetime friends.

            It wasn’t love at first sight. I’d know him and grew to love him over time. Actually I knew his father before I met him. I attended Sunday school when I was a child and every week I completed my lessons by looking up Bible verses and filling in the blanks with the correct words.

            That’s where I met him, in that little church. He has not only been with me during the happy times, but also through disappointments, frustrations, decisions, losses and the routines of everyday life.


            My first devastating disappointment came when I was a high school senior. I’d applied to the Christian college I wanted to attend. The day I tore open the letter telling me that I wasn’t accepted, he was beside me, comforting me. He waited until I was ready and guided me in a new direction.

            The following year was one of the happiest times. He held my hand on my wedding day. Other highlights came with the birth of my children. He held my hand and reassured me through the painful hours of labor. As he gazed at me with those eyes full of compassion, I knew the temporary pain was worth the end result.

            When my husband and I lost our business and we filed for bankruptcy, it was like a death. Yet even then he never left me, but helped me get back on my feet.

I Walked Away

            More recently I was in a serious car accident. I saw a car pull out in front of me on the highway and knew I had no time to stop. To avoid killing the driver, I braked with all my might and swerved to the left. He slammed into the passenger side of my car. After impact, I thought this is bad. But it was only the beginning. My car flipped up in the air. I’m not going to survive this. I was ready to meet my Maker. I felt his loving arms holding me inside my car as it rolled and rolled and rolled.

            I don’t know why God let me walk away from that horrific accident without a scratch. I believe I’m one of His present-day miracles. Awestruck witnesses gaped as they watched me walk away. “God’s not finished with me yet,” I said as they marveled at what they had just witnessed. With tears in his eyes, the young man who caused the accident approached and said how sorry he was. When I asked him if he knew Jesus he said, “Yes . . . and I think I’m going to know him even better now.” Maybe that’s the reason God saved me—to be a witness.

            For 59 years God has blessed me with a loving relationship with His Son, Jesus. Wherever I am He’s with me. Together we talk, walk, work, play and rest. Over these many years He has comforted, directed, protected and provided for me and my loved ones, even giving me the desires of my heart. He’s the love of my life.

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