Set Goals and Reap the Rewards

One year Jack London received 400 rejections. With that many rejections he was bound to have received some acceptances as well.

I look forward to the beginning of a new year with a fresh slate to record my goals. Since I began setting goals, I’ve written and published more.

I set monthly goals. Others set daily, weekly, yearly, short and long term, word count, a certain number of pages, etc. I find setting monthly goals works best for me. When I achieve each goal, I put the date beside it, and the following month I set new goals. Instead of monthly goals, what may work for you is a 1 year, 5 year or a 10 year plan.

What is it you want to attain? Set realistic goals.

Periodically review where you’ve been and where you plan to go.

Goals don’t only refer to my writing. I also consider family, responsibilities and activities while setting goals.

Be flexible. When I receive a new assignment, it becomes my number one priority. And always include new possibilities as well. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

If you know your goals, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll have to accomplish them.

A goal without a plan is only a wish—so plan by setting goals.  Believe and invest in yourself and see yourself as successful.

Stretch Yourself

Someday I want to set the goal of receiving 400 rejections in a year, like Jack London. With all those rejections I’m bound to receive some acceptances. It’s probably not a realistic goal, but it sure is a gutsy one.

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