Escape to the Benbow Inn

After stuffing my large tote bag with books, tablet, pens, knitting—and the cooler with Pepsi, ice and something to eat—I don shorts and a T-shirt over my swimsuit.

            I leave the housework, yard work, the phone (before I had a cellphone) and other distractions and climb into the car. A giggle escapes as I accelerate.

            The breeze lifts my fine hair as I take each curve under the towering Redwoods. My heart leaps as I reach the ‘Benbow 10 Miles’ sign.

            I’ve arrived. I peak over the edge of the balcony; hopefully, a wedding party hasn’t taken over the manicured grounds that slope down from the inn to the river. To my delight, I discover empty white chaise lounges on the green grass below. I skip down the stone steps to my retreat.

            I’m free. For hours I pretend I’m rich, for I am. I read, write, dream, swim in the river, sit in the sun, move to the shade. At three o’clock I pack my tote bag and cooler and climb the stairs to the lobby. I indulge in tea and scones. I find puzzle pieces scattered across the antique tables and begin to interlock the pieces.

            It’s time to head home. It’s dinner time. I leave exhilarated—ready to face my responsibilities.

            I’ve spent the day pampering myself with everything I enjoy—time with my Lord in his creation—praying, reading, writing, knitting, swimming and solving jigsaw puzzlers, while sipping tea and munching on scones oozing with strawberry jam.

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