The Writing of Lily — An Unedited Journal


August 2011

After the publication of Lily I attended a writer’s conference and was told by two literary agents that my writing wasn’t good enough to be published. Their words plunged me into a pit of despair and I stayed there for many months. This was not the first time I’d experienced devastation and I knew it wouldn’t be the last either in this wonderful crazy life of being a writer.


I was an average high school student that didn’t excel in writing, yet after my brother’s death in 1969, in Vietnam, I became interested in writing. I read somewhere that when you lose someone close to you, you take on one of their characteristics. Is that what happened to me?

It’s been a long struggle. No doubt I took on the project to write a novel (Lily) way too early in my writing career; there was so much I needed to learn before tackling that large of a project. Yet, I did it! Even though I had to hold down other jobs, I stuck with it, even during long droughts.

 Most of the books sales for Lily have been from friends, family and the result of speaking events. I’m discovering that promoting a book, especially a self-published one, is as difficult as writing one. I have plenty more opportunities to promote Lily—I shall persevere.


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