September 8, 2003Absolutely nothing written on Lily. Vacationed

September 8, 2003

Absolutely nothing written on Lily.  Vacationed in August.  Mother was in the hospital in September.  I’m trying to see if she is well enough to travel to Tahoe for Danny (son) and Ana’s wedding.  I hosted Evergreen Writers last Saturday, and wrote a fun piece on dollhouses and miniaturists for the newspaper.  I sure would like to take it up as a hobby, but when would I ever have time to do it? 

My Children’s Ministry job is under consideration of someone else to take it over.  Not sure what I’ll do for income. Too bad I don’t have more of a writing income.  Whoa, such is me.

On September 13th  Danny and Ana were married.  What a lovely celebration with all of our children celebrating together.  I was on a high for a long time.

September 23, 2003

I finally did it.  Last Saturday I went to the Benbow Inn and revised chapter 22 of Lily.  It was wonderful, of course it always is.  I still needed to do even more revision on the same chapter today.  It’s the chapter where White Dove opens an art studio and James has his carvings available for sale in the shop. Lily comes face to face with James and Tess.  Tess is expecting her first child, Laura, and James’ eyesight returns.

Penny called and asked me to come in and work.  I had an interview scheduled with the Shining Light Book Store owner for a newspaper article. I told Penny I couldn’t come in to work, later the interview was canceled.  I stayed home and worked on Lily and it was great.  That’s the only way this book will ever be completed, is to have time to work on it.

I still have some mixed emotions about no longer being the Children’s Ministry Director.  At first I wasn’t ready to leave the position.  The more I thought about it the more it appeals to me. After returning home from the wedding, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I’d hoped to work at my new position as receptionist/secretary at church on Monday and Friday, leaving me three days in a row (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) to work on my writing.  Now I have a four day schedule presented to me, and I don’t like it.  It gives me Thursday off which I spend with my mother, and Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll be going to church on Sunday.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, but it is a part-time job, and I don’t want to go there four days a week. 

Later that same day:

Wow!  I was able to revise chapters 23 – 26 of Lily revise.  I will start to revise part three of the book soon, I hope.  Oh if I could only get this much accomplished more often.

October 4, 2003

Evergreen Writers critiqued chapter 22 after a revision.

October 5, 2003

I revised and entered chapters 22 (again) and chapters 27 – 32 into the computer.  Wow!  Another good writing day.

December 17, 2003

A long dry spell—instead of working on Lily I concentrated on writing four features a month for the Times-Standard newspaper.

We’re on our way to Solvang to celebrate an early Christmas with Melanie, Warren and the boys.

Before I began this rewrite I had 52,471 words and 230 pages.  I’d like the book to be at least 55,000 to 60,000 words.  I managed to tackle oodles of revision on Part III of Lily.

December 18, 2003

While in a motel in King City, California last night I rethought a lot about Lily’s first trial.  Would James want to be there?  Would he tell Tess he doesn’t know why, but he needs to be there?  Would he tell her about him and Lily being close once? 

Reread Evergreen Writer’s critiques, added scenes with James and White Dove and James and Tess before Lily’s first trial. James read the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle—“Preacher’s Daughter to Stand Trial for Murdering Lover.” (Lily pg. 157)


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