Blog #11

The Writing of Lily

An Unedited Journal

(Blog #1 Starts in January with the Introduction)

May 10, 2001

I finished the devotion assignment for Standard.  I have one more read through. 

Now I hope to get a good bead on what I want to do with the next chapter of Lily.  I know it will be difficult with only one character (Lily) able to talk in the scenes with her father. I must be creative in how I’m going to pull it off.  I can bring other characters into this part of the book like Agatha, White Dove, Harold, and Luke.

May 12, 2001

I read a short scene, between Lily and White Dove, to Evergreen Writers today; Lily wants to know why God hates her.

May 14, 2001

I forgot something very important; after the house burns, where are Lily and Harold going to live?  The Blair Boarding House? Laurel Springs? Lily can’t stand the sight of Langdon (the company owned lumber mill town where Willy perished in the fire) anymore. 

After the fire Lily will be given a sedative to sleep.  They will go to the Blair house.

June 1, 2001

I wrote about 600 words of James asking Tess to marry him.  The chapter still needs work.  It moves too fast.

June 7, 2001

I’m doing a lot of rewrites on several chapters—James and Tess’ honeymoon, their return to Laurel Springs and after.  It’s so much work. 

June 9, 2001

I attended meetings at church last night and today and arrived late to Evergreen Writers.  Read the chapter of James and Tess’ wedding, etc.  Still needs work, but may just make notes and put it aside to do rewrites on other chapters and move forward.

July 1, 2001

After a long break—what to do?  What to do?  Help!

July 2, 2001

I spent the last two weeks away from home.  The first week was training for Royal Family Kids Camp in Canby, Oregon and the second week at Lake Tahoe with the family.  Having the Stouts and Brazils (friends) here for 4th of July and housing several teenagers from a musical group who will perform Sunday at church.  So . . . I don’t know when I’ll get back to Lily.  I hope soon.  I’m disappointed that not much is happening with my writing. Darn.

July 10, 2001

Now, after spending two hours cleaning off my messy desk, I was able to spend an hour and a half on the deck reviewing Lily revising and brain storming.  I’ve come up with some ideas to continue with the writing of Lily.

I think I’ll try to work on the chapter where Lily nurses William after his stroke.  Here goes!

July 17, 2001

I had a good writing day yesterday.  I wrote a scene with Luke and Lily when Luke was six-years-old, and a scene with Luke and White Dove.  Now, if I could only keep up the momentum.  But I always seem to have long lulls between good writing days—like days, months, even years sometimes—at least in the beginning. 

I have an idea for a future scene:  In her will Anna will leave her house to Agatha and William.  Upon either of their deaths the house will go to the surviving sibling.  Lily will never want to take charity from Agatha. This will also force her to run away to the Bradford Inn.  She will not go to Langdon either; it holds a horrible memory for her. 

Now, to go outside in the sunshine and do some gardening and hopefully think of scenes to write the next chapter—William’s stroke and Lily nursing him.  SHOW, DON’T TELL.

I find my first draft is almost all telling and little showing.  

August 6, 2001

I sent two proposals to Royal Family Kids’ Camps founder, Wayne Tesch.  One was for a kid’s devotional book and the other was Lindsey’s Choice as a serial.  It felt good getting them into the mail.

Now I must get back to Lily.

Later: I wrote a scene with Agatha after William’s stroke.  I feel better about this chapter now.  Thank God for some time to create what I hope will be a book worth reading.

August 7, 2001

I worked on chapter 25—Lily carrying for William after his stroke. She sat down and opened the newspaper . . . “Oh look, Papa, there’s an article on White Dove?” . . . “White Dove Ramsey, local artist and owner of White Dove’s Indian Art Studio at 900 Main Street in Laurel Springs, has recently been commissioned for a painting to hang in the Indian section of the newly built Franklin Library . . . . Isn’t that wonderful, Papa? Our very own White Dove will have one of her paintings hanging in the new library in Franklin.”

August 8, 2001

I’m still putting all the writing and rewrites into the computer that were done in long hand while at the Benbow Inn yesterday.

New idea:  No one, that has read the manuscript, likes Lily dying in the last chapter.  What if I have Lily have a near death experience where she sees her mother, father, Anna, and Willy?  She is brought back to life at a much younger age and there is a different reunion—not in heaven, but with Luke?  White Dove? James? Or maybe someone new in her life—possibly the lawyer who saved her?

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