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The Writing of Lily

An Unedited Journal

December 5, 2000

Busy, busy, busy with my Children’s Ministry job and organizing a book signing with Jane Peart, Judy Pella and myself at the new Christian bookstore in Fortuna, ShiningLight Bookstore.  I also wrote several features for the Beacon.  The New Song Children’s Christmas Musical was great with a luncheon for the adopt-a-grandparent program which I helped with.

Now, for my writing career: Betsy, from the Perkins School for the Blind, is mailing me information.  I think Helen Keller went to the school.  I’m still not sure if I want James to go to the school or not? I need my characters to talk to me and help me write this book.

December 9, 2000

Read chapter 19—James is home from WWI and an offer from Frank O’Shea to build a blind school. “I’ve donated some flat land just east of town, and funds are being raised for scholarships for students to attend without being a financial burden to their families. Building of a dormitory, classrooms, and a dining hall are due to start while Tess is in Boston. The school will be named after my dear departed wife, rest her soul. It will be the Kathleen O’Shea School for the Blind.” (Lily pg. 87)

December 31, 2000

I’m organizing for the New Year; I always enjoy a fresh start. I deleted old files from my computer, set some goals and did my income taxes, etc.  I think 2001 is going to be
a very good year.

January 9, 2001

Reading reams of research from Perkin’s School for the Blind.  It’s a treasure— answering my questions and helping me get on with writing this book.

I think I need to go back and rewrite the scene with Jo and James in France and insert the rehabilitation that is available to him whether he takes it or not, yet I’m still not sure about this.

Later: I did some revision—the scene with James and Jo in France, and the scene on the back porch with Tess, Frank O’Shea and James discussing a blind school.  I also wrote the first page of chapter 20—Lily reading about the opening of the blind school in Laurel Springs and her labor pains signaling the birth of her second child (Willy).  I’m on my way this year.  If I can only stick with it to the end—

January 11, 2001

I did a little more work on chapter 20.  Lily feels guilty that Willy is so sickly and vows to love him until the day she dies.   It will be a turning point for her to become a better mother and wife. 

“Dear God, if you exist, please don’t let my baby die. I’m sorry for what I did. Please forgive me. Don’t let my baby suffer for my mistake.”

Anna pleaded, “Lily, you need to get back to bed.”

“I’ve been in bed for months. You don’t understand. No one understands. . .”

(Lily pg. 91)

January 14, 2001

I read a couple of pages of chapter 20 to Evergreen Writers on Saturday.  I’m still telling, not showing.  I think I have a better plot idea.  Lily will not be beaten.  She’ll still think about getting together with James. 

January 25, 2001

(Daughter) Kathy’s surgery today.  Two fibroid tumors removed.

I really feel good about chapter 20 today, Willy’s birth and Lily’s change in character.  I hope this change will help the reader like Lily better.  She has been so selfish in the past.  Hopefully, I’ve put her back in control.

January 29, 2001

I cleaned the laundry room on Saturday.  Only did one side.  Ugh!  I probably have two more days of work.  Why do I save everything?

I sat down and tried to ask myself questions on how chapter 21 will go.  Set the scene.  I think Tess and James will marry in Boston.  This will not deter Lily from still wanting James.

Something I asked myself, or my muse: Chapter 21 will be wedding bells for James and Tess and Jonathan’s birth? (Lily’s third son Jonathan was deleted from the book).  Tess and James will marry at the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston.  I called a priest at Humboldt State University today to see if a priest could marry a couple at the school.  He said they would have to get special permission from a bishop.  How will Lily react to the marriage?  She will be even more determined. After all she was willing to divorce Harold to marry James. Why wouldn’t she think James would do the same thing to Tess?

How will the chapter end?  James and Tess boarding the train headed for Laurel Springs?

Set the stage.  Where is it?  What do I see?  Who are the actors?  Lily will settle down to the life of a wife and mother.  She is changed.  White Dove will need to make a living.

An idea for later in the book:  A scene with White Dove and Lily: “He’ll never be truly happy being a teacher.  He’s an outdoorsman.  He loves animals, not people.  He’ll shrivel up and die.  Tess can never hold him.  She has him on a tether, but he’ll break away.  I know him. He’ll bolt.  And when he does he’ll be mine.”

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