B. J. Bassett

(This unedited journal of The Writing of Lily will be posted weekly.)




            The idea for this journal came about while visiting my daughter Melanie and her family in Solvang, California. Solvang is a charming Danish town where tourists come from all over the world to visit. I usually treat myself, while in Solvang, to a new book.

I entered the Book Loft and discovered a book that changed my life. Displayed on the shelf were copies of Working Days, the Journals of The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck. After paying the clerk I held the book close to my chest, knowing I’d found a treasure.

            I related to all the ups and downs Steinbeck suffered while writing Grapes of Wrath—the good writing days, the frustrations, and life. His journal consists of his relationship with his publisher, visits from friends as well as aspiring writers asking for advice. Entry #63, September 3, 1938 reads: “. . . . Young man wants to talk, wants to be a writer. What could I tell him? Not a writer myself yet. . . . I think I never really believe I will finish a book until it is finished . . . . I just hope it is good.”

            After reading Steinbeck’s Working Days, I decided to keep a journal while writing my historical novel, Lily. Maybe someday my journal will encourage other writers just like Working Days influenced me.

           This journal will log the obstacles and successes of writing Lily andcomment on all the hours, days, and months of research in museums, libraries, etc.

           Those who are curious about how Lily was created will discover the answers while reading The Writing of Lily, A Journal.

B. J. Bassett

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  1. I have a copy of Steinbecks journal that you gave me. Bunny. He my favorite writer. Deanna

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